Janna 1969 tel.

№328  Janna, 49 ans  1969

№328 Janna, 49 ans 1969

163 cm / 61 kg
Marital status: Divorced.
Children: 1988, 1989, live separately.
Would you like to have kids in the future : No.
Education, profession: High education, chief accountant.
Smoking, alcohol: No.
Character : I am calm, balanced, cheerful. I like traveling very much, but I like to return home even more. My ideal
weekend is first a long walk, and then – rest after a cup of coffee on the couch with the TV. I love dogs and I do not like cats. I cook deliciously and bake cakes. For me, life inside a family is more important than life outside the family.
Hobbies and interests: Travel, country walks, museums, theaters, knitting and cooking. I am engaged in fitness, dances.
A few words about your future family (who runs the household; who earns money; who makes decisions, e tc.): Equal partnership, mutual care, mutual respect.
Age: Up to 60 years.
Height: It does not matter.
Weight: It does not matter.
What you see about your future spouse: Athletic, smart, good-natured and cheerful.
Negative features of the partner: Anger and greed.
Ready to move to another city or country.

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